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    One sunny day, four young strangers—Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi, and Takemura—meet by chance at a crematorium. They have all recently lost their parents, but none of them can shed a tear. They are like zombies, devoid of all emotion. Alone in the world at 13 years old with no future, no dreams, and no way to move forward, our protagonists dress themselves in scraps from a garbage dump, track down musical instruments, and decide to form a kick-ass band. They call themselves LITTLE ZOMBIES. This is a story about their quest to retrieve their ability to feel.

    “And so we put goldfish in the pool.” / Short movie


    Why did four junior high-school girls throw goldfish in a pool?

    Based on real events which happened in Sayama city, Saitama, Japan.

    2017 Sundance Film Festival GRAND JULY PRIZE!!!!

    “Parallel Sign” LAMA / Music Video


    LAMA is a new band by SUPERCAR’s Koji Nakamura/Miki Furukawa and NUMBER GIRL‘s Hisako Tabuchi.

    This is their music video, filmed entirely on location in Indonesia.

    Based on about 100 scenes which I had previously thought up, we went along with the atmosphere on set.

    It includes samples from some of my influences, such as Nejishiki, Thomas the Tank Engine and Juzo Itami’s films.



    NDG is my favourite band in the world. This is a solo piece by Harutaro, one of the main MCs.

    We did some project mapping on Mr. Kuroda, a porn star’s chest, made Harutaro’s torso huge through CG and got him to destroy Tokyo.

    We went wild.

    “THE POWER MASK” lululun plus (skincare) / Commercial Film


    Filmed in New York. It powerfully portrays 10 colourful scenes.

    The back story: the girl fell in love and her hair turned pink!

    “A Song of Women” calbee( fruits chips) / Commercial Film


    Women and strong and melancholic creatures.

    We made four strong, melancholic stories which we put to a melody.

    We used traditional animation techniques to create a retro feel.

    This project won the Osaka Copywriter’s New Face Award.

    “Have you seen Gochan?” Gochan from Okinawa / Commercial Film


    We created a new character, Gochan by combining two of Okinawa’s specialities: goya (bitter mellon) and Shisa (a mythological creature).

    This is trailer for it, but the character itself never appears.

    The illustrations are by Isamu Gakiya, who is from Okinawa.

    “Gochan-Goya-Chinsuko” / Commercial Film


    CHINSUKO is japanese cookie! Guys who whach with 80-inchese, I'm jealous!
    director:Makoto Nagahisa song:Makoto Nagahisa

    “ Reconstruction CG ” T.M.Revolution 2020 / Commercial Film


    A trailer video for T.M.Revolution’s Best Of album.

    I’d been tempted by accident reconstruction videos, so I used the occasion to try the technique out.

    It turns out you can calmly reconstruct both normal and abnormal events; it’s insane.

    “ Room not exposed to the sun”CLITORIC RIS / Music Video


    CLITORIC RIS is a Japanese techno-folk artist!

    “ N.E.O.”CHAI / Music Video


    CHAI is a Japanese girls rock band!

    Hoichi & Hoko ,the Earless / MAZAI Video


    I made a classic Japanese story " Hoichi the Earless" to be a new sensation comic.

    "The Woman It Rains On" / TV contents


    The Woman It Rains On
    (written by Makoto Nagahisa / the woman : Hina Yukawa )

    My default weather is rain So I’m not unhappy!!!!!

    "Insight" Joy Division / reimage musicvideo


    The new reimagined video for 'Insight'

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    Born August 2, 1984, in Tokyo,

    Makoto Nagahisa directed films and music videos while working as a commercial planner at a major ad agency. Nagahisa wrote and directed the short film And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool. (2017) and was the first Japanese director to win the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

    WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES is his first feature-length film.

    Influences include Juzo Itami, Nagisa Oshima, Gil Evans and Boris Vian.

    Has long hair, which he wears braided on formal occasions.





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